We understand that Web Applications are need of the hour for people who are planning to enter into their own business ventures. Since Web applications are inexpensive communication means addressing it’s prospects customers they play an important role is your business.

Web applications are the most prominent way for any business to start it’s communique with potential audience or customers using sites.You can ask the customers to subscribe to your newsletter or request for any information using your web application. The web applications create a personalized experience for customers creating popularity for the business. We at Aquad provide you with definite strategy to develop web application for your enterprises at global level. The benefit of customized web applications is to streamline the existing front end functionality in the most cost effective manner.We use the most comprehensive framework for designing the web based application. We understand the market better hence we believe in delivering the applications with simplicity and refinement. We also understand that web applications are fundamental to you business which creates online ascendancy exhibiting profitable relationships with the budding audience.

No wonder web applications unambiguously are ubiquitous but from technical point of view these applications require highly competitively running environment. Thus our team of experts helps you in providing wide range of web applications with easy to use interfaces. You will be able to run theses applications without failure taking care of maintenance and enhancement.

Our Web application development process:

Step 1: Planning

It is very crucial to plan the project before the actual development starts.At the planing step we undersatnd the requirements from our business partner. Our expert team including the designers, developers, managers, content editors etc. gain a clear picture of your business need and the audience group that your business is trying to capture. After requirement analysis information architecture plays the second lead. Careful analysis and selection of the information architecture provides a smooth flow to product development. Next major step if selection of technology based on the business needs. This includes the specialized tools,software technology, maintenance strategy.

Step 2: Design

Once the planning is completed and requirements have been gathered , it’s time to focus on the visual display of the product in hand. The reason is to why design is important is that visual of website that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors. Creating eye popping designs and visually enchanting methods are used by our designers to help out business partners achieve fascinating designs. At design level we use wireframes further enhancing mockups are used to immensely improve your website online presence.

Step 3: Development

Several vital tasks are involved in development such as building the site,creating events, creating stories, importing data, crafting templates,building the site etc. our developers first get the project into CMS i.e custom development framework where our core team can access the code. For Every section and layout a template is built including home page, landing page and tertiary content page.Development would include content population and the last step will be testing the mocks . We then test the client to get the initial feedback for the product.

Step 4: Launch

After the product has been developed it’s finally time to launch the product. The product to be checked in production environment and some final feedbacks.This may include checking the product on cross browsers. Some manual testing can be expected at the client’s side in case some unexpected errors occur.

Step 5: Post Launch

Once the product seems to be working expectedly at the business end the documentations related to the product usage on different modules,user interfaces screenshots,images, databases access, photoshop documents. In case any additional training sessions are needed this facility can be made available from our team. Trainings can help the client get better understanding of the working software.

Technologies and Frameworks used at Aquad to elevate your Business :

  1. PHP Based Web application Development
  2. Angular Js Development
  3. Node Js Development
  4. Ruby On Rails
  5. Express Js
  6. React Js
  7. Laravel