Useful marketing strategy for product advertising is essential for building product awareness among potential customers. A well versed advertising plan educates the customers on why they need the product. A successful advertising campaign also tells the how the product is better as compared to other products in the market.

Some prominently methods promoted by Aquad for
product advertising


Before writing a product advertising plan, market research is usually conducted to obtain unmet needs in the market,factors or people that affect the market decisions and the type of media used to obtain information.The collected data is used to write the advertising message and to determine how the message will be transmitted to potential customers.


Many big companies choose internet for advertising their business. Information on the web pages includes company contacts, history,expertise and product descriptions. Organic search results appear based on the product description mentioned by us , this is basically linked to the keywords mentioned while describing the products.

Radio and Television

sometimes we can advertise your product using radio or television only based on market research. Products or services that appeal to the general public can often we advertised using radio and television because they reach a broader audience.

Newspapers and magazines

Newspapers are basically help your product reach to local niche during the promotion phase.Magazines are useful when trying to reach to a specific set of audience.


Signs are used to advertise the product in many different ways.Signs fundamentally creates product awareness among public.

Direct mails

Direct mail is commonly used as a method of advertising.General advertising is a means in which bulk messages are sent to a target group.The formal mails are addressed to a subset of current or prospective customers.