Aquad provides you with complete end to end hybrid app development solutions. Basically there is no difference between a native app and a hybrid app to the user. For the user both theses applications are downloaded from Android or apple store, both are stored on a mobile device and both are launched similarly so the real difference lies from the end of the developer. Thus it is important that the developer is skilled enough to offer professional hybrid applications which combines the HTML5 development with mobile frameworks. It is important to have technically savvy team for developing the hybrid app for creating significant user experience.We at aquad with are expertise in mobile development provide you with industry best experience of hybrid mobile applications.

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

Highly interactive and impressive user interfaces

Cost effective

Improved performance

Developers can use existing web skills

Increased visibility because the app can be distributed to mobile browsers

Downloadable and installable

Cross platform and multi platform development

Don’t have to update all apps in the app store to wait for the approval

Reduced development time and cost

Provides more access to device features and capabilities

API development is not needed since it’s all handled by the web

Transparent,collaborative and communicative

Agile methodology

Application created using HTML5, CSS3 and javascript

Use of open source technologies such as PhoneGap,SproutCore and sencha

Hybrid Application development services that we offer

Seamless integration

Our developers use latest trend so codes of specific mobile devices are in sync with other mobile devices. This is to ensure that the mobile app works seamlessly with distinct devices like iOS, Android,Desktop,Laptop providing better user environment.

Offline usage of application

Our hybrid web applications are designed such as the applications can be used even if there is poor connectivity. This means optimal quality with cost effectiveness.


Our team is well versed with HTML5 technology app development.

MultiPlatform development

Quick maintenance and support

Our company offers responsive 24/7 support

Node.js development

Angular.js development

PhoneGap development

Ionic App Development